About Us



We at Creative Fun Games happen to be one of the top mobile gaming companies in India with our headquarters in the vicinity of Kolkata. We operate primarily in emerging markets like India and Australia where we are engaged in acquiring and distributing various mobile games. We offer free games as well as ones based on subscription. We are financially backed by IPAPPS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Our design strategy

One of our major strengths is our capability to understand how local gamers behave. We use that in our game design strategy as well. We are really innovative when it comes to using local, licensed, intellectual property in order to help our network grow.

In fact, if you took a look at the popularity of the mobile games that we have made available on Google Play Store such as Cupid Archer, Marbles on Desk, and Fruit n Pot you would get a fair idea of how our insights on local gamers have come into play.

Our growing popularity

Ever since we started our journey in 2018, our in-house games have continued to grow in terms of popularity. We have been getting more users and around the world, we are becoming more popular as well.

We have established an enviable track record of creating and delivering games across platforms for our clients and dare we say that have satisfied them fully at all times. The success that our games have achieved on platforms such as Play Store is a fair indication of our overall quality.

Our status

We feel that we are among the top enablers in the Indian gaming space and are blessed with a first mover advantage as well. Till date we have hosted and managed MMORPG and Casual gaming events such as Soccer Stars by Miniclip and 8 Ball Pool.

Apart from that, Creative Fun Games has also partnered with the likes of Mountain Dew Arena, Asus ROG Masters, and Indian Gaming Show in order to create gaming intellectual properties and events in India.


Our core values created by Team CFG guide work and interaction with each other. As our team grows, seven “CFG hashtags” remain stable.


We work to enable our Clients to reach their goal. Also We help each other to reach our personal and career goals.


We Be transparent, do not shelter. What we do, we do what we are going to do and believe that others will do the same. We express priorities through planned actions.


We always Be curious. Be innovative. Be comfortable with getting challenges. We pursue growth personally, professionally, and as a group of company.

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